Thursday, 16 February 2017

Sewing mistakes that makes your clothes look home made

Professional tailors and fashion designers may already know this but it must not be left unsaid for budding designers. There are certain ways you go about making your clothes that they don't  fit properly or give them a homemade look. The following are mistakes you make while sewing that makes your clothes look home made.

1. Top stitching neckline or armhole: instead use facing and interfacing or preferably bias binding. Topstitching your clothes makes you look lazy to your clients and make the clothes look unpresentable.

2. Using the wrong interfacing or no interfacing: this is almost the same with the above point, interfacing gives clothes, especially jackets, support and makes them look fitted against the body. Also interfacing used for bands give your clothes a professional look.

3. Hand stitching: except for button holes and fixing buttons, I do not think it's advisable to handstitch your clothes. Imagine how terrible a dress or jacket will look if you hand stitched lining to it, unless you are exceptionally good at this, avoid it completely.

4. Skipping darts: darts are important in clothes, without them horizontal wrinkles will be forming everywhere. They tend to bring fitting to your clothes and bring out the right shape, eliminating any buldge that might want to form, they are that important, in fact, the only time you shouldnt use them is when you are working on extremely stretchy fabrics or clothes that are meant to be flared.

5. Using the wrong fabric for a particular design: imagine using a soft fabric for a cloth that's supposed to be firm and stiff or vice versa, like using a semi stretchy fabric for a leggings you get the idea?

6. Laying obvious designs in opposite directions: like laying stripes in vertical directions for the front part, then horizontal at the back, it makes it look as if you didn't know what you were doing while sewing. Instead stripes, patterns or obvious designs should be laid in the same direction.

7. Lack of pressing while sewing: the importance of well-pressed seams cannot be overemphasized, opt for pressing boards such as clapper boards or a good quality iron. Pressing as you sew avoids buldges and makes your clothes look good. Open all seams and press them opened, any hemming you do should also be pressed before stitching, press to make them completely flat.

8. Contrasting thread colour: the colour of your thread must match the colour of the garment you are making, don't use contrasting colours except you are trying to design the dress. If you don't have the exact colour, use colours that almost match. The closer the thread matches the fabric, the less noticeable it will be.

9. Using household scissors for cutting your fabric: invest in a pair of good scissors this might not look important to you but it's really necessary. They must be used for fabric cutting only, don't use them to cut paper or any household work, and don't use your household scissors for fabric cutting.

10. Not buying enough fabrics: this is especially important for beginners-Make sure that you have enough fabrics, managing fabrics is hazardous. You must always have extra to fall back on incase you make a cutting mistake.

I hope that we have learnt one or two things about sewing, other mistakes you could make are not taking correct measurements, having an out-of-order machine or even buying cheap clothes.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Top styles to rock to church

When choosing an outfit for church, you must not over do it, have it in mind that you are going to a place of worship and so must not be improperly dressed. Ankara or not, here are top styles to rock to church without being improperly dressed and still looking as stunning as can be.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ankara styles you must rock this year

If you did not know that Ankara is making waves now, you are on a long thing. Yes ankara styles are in vogue now, not only in Nigeria but also in other neighbouring countries. You will agree with me that the ankara fabric brings with it a of flair of Beauty in everyone, no matter who is wearing it. Below are beautiful Ankara styles you must rock this year.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Consciousness of f fashion

To be fashion concious is to know whats in vogue about fashion and to follow trends, to buy everything fashion has to offer and not to be outdated. Our level of fashion conciousnesses will either make us or mar us therefore we must know where we stand so as not to overdo fashion or live out of it.
Here are some few tips on the disadvantages of being too conscious of fashion
1. It takes too much of your time and controls your thinking, trust me,you don't want that to happen. When the only thing you think of is clothes,other important things cant flow through your mind.
2. It will cost you a lot of money; a whole lot, if all you do is spend money on what's in vogue just forget about getting that dream house or that dream car.
3. Some clothes have age limits, so you will end up mocking yourself.
4. You will make a lot of friends of the same habit, so you won't get good advice from them.
5. You will have bad recommendation from family members or in-laws,might probably ruin your relationship with them and your marriage.
6. You are writing an open letter to thieves.
To avoid these learn to moderate fashion, don't overdo it.
        Now my Sunday attire was made the night before, the ankara fabric was actually given to me by my mum, God knows how long she has had it. My bag and shoes from @kdearycouture. Nailed it or nah?

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Happy birthday to me

My birthday came a little too early, I wasn't prepared, financially, mentally even ceremonially (if there's any word like that). I wasn't even physically prepared (cos my hair was like 2 weeks old). People kept asking me what I was going to do (I had gone to 3 people's birthday where I ate donut and mirinda) so it was only logical that i threw a mini party, but I couldn't cos of the things am chasing.
My outfit for today is not a new dress, I made it few months back and I have worn it twice but its still hot (or cool) depending on how you see it.

I was greatly inspired by the fabric

Monday, 8 August 2016

It's a Dungarees Affair 2

Hello everyone! Making this outfit was a bit strenuous, but not too difficult because of the experience I already have in making pants trousers and Nickers. It's simply done by first making a pant trouser then joining the flap and suspender with the pants. Can also be rocked with a white roundneck or spam, depending on how you want it.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The brief story behind.....

Happy to be back, it's been a while.  Making this gown was really easy, there wasn't any need for allowance simply because...wait for it...its stretchy fabric. I can spend my earnings on stretchy fabric it's simply fantastic.

Dress made by me, available for sale.